HBO to Turn George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire Books into TV Series

This is awesome news.  If you are any fan of good, complex, fantasy books with significant political intrigue, hundreds of characters and the suspense that comes from reading a novel where anything can truly happen, go out and read the books right now.  Actually, it may take you a while as the 4 books in the series that have been released to date are collectively about 3500+ pages.   

I’d be nervous reading this news if it was proposed by any network other than HBO, especially given the adult nature of these books.  If I had to summarize what I hope to see from this is a cross between Rome and Lord of the Rings.  The proposal is to have each season cover one of the books in the series. 

The only good news/ bad news thing here is that George RR himself is going to be writing part of the series.  Given how long it takes him to crank out the novels (the first one A Game of Thrones was published in 1996 and the fourth just came out this year) and the fact that at this point 3 more remain in the series and already have a target date for completion of 2011, I worry about the delay this will have on production of the source material.  Still, it’s good news for fans of the series and will be sure to create even more.

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