The Office – Season 3, Episode 13 – The Return

Let me start this week’s review with a big whoohoo to NBC for giving The Office a well deserved early renewal.

Here’s what I learned from The Office:

  • When entering the job market, there is nothing more likely to seal the deal with a potential employer than a professional resume, an athletics & special skills resume, and a book of personal trivia
  • The universe works in mysterious ways.
  • Memo to self: if you want face time with the boss, stand outside the bathroom and wait.
  • It’s horrible when someone isn’t self-aware.
  • Mmmmmm – Mexican lemonade.
  • “Random co-worker” can be a euphemism
  • If you’re going to password protect your files use names of mythological creatures
  • Sucking up to advance your career is not a reason to suck up. Sucking up out of genuine love is.
  • Freakin is the new frackin – (I loved Dwight’s Battlestar Galactica sweatshirt)

This was a week where we got to see new sides of our favourite characters. Just when we think we get Michael Scott, we find out there’s more to him than we thought. Watching his complete and increasing disdain of Andy’s sucking up was a sight to behold. Also great seeing him apologize to Dwight, a truly touching scene. I also liked seeing the new Angela as she melted down while asking Oscar to join the party planning committee and confessed to Michael. Also, have to agree with Jim, I too liked Ryan better when he was the temp.

I had to feel a bit bad for Karen as she watched how in sync Jim and Pam were pulling a prank on Andy and especially after he admitted to still having feelings for Pam. It’s great how they’ve advanced this story.

Looking forward to next episode’s sure to be fun Dwight-Andy reunion.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-


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