The Apprentice LA: Season 6, Episode 3

Watching the first 10 minutes of the show I sat there thinking just how ridiculous this show has become.  It’s one thing to put reality show contestants through a process of ad-sponsored, manufactured “business” tasks under the pretense of a job interview often with an arbitrary winner but making the losing team sleep outside in tents just takes it too far out of the realm of reasonableness.  In three months the winner is going to be able to stand up and say that they wanted to work for Trump so badly they were willing to sleep outside in tents, shower in makeshift showers, etc.  Oh yeah, that’s going to be impressive to your co-workers.

Which brings us to Michelle who actually had the balls to stand up and say that this wasn’t the way she wanted to get a job in the Trump organization.  Sure she probably would have been fired any way as her team sucked it up and she didn’t really provide any form of leadership.  This doesn’t make her wrong in saying that this is a line she’s not willing to cross to get any job.  Furthermore, I think Trump and the Trumpettes were kind of harsh calling her a quitter as if they or anyone they work with had to jump through any hoops to get their jobs.

Now I’ve liked the Apprentice over its 6 seasons.  As much as I think some of the tasks are stupid, it does test the human dynamic and see how different people react in different circumstances.  It’s not the ideal way of getting a job but the tasks do provide real insights into the potential hires.

This year’s twist of making them sleep outside is just a way to haze the contestants as if this was a fraternity.  I think next year, the losing team should have to do Trump’s laundry, clean his house with a toothbrush and maybe do shots until they puke.

Michelle, you had no chance of winning, but personally I applaud your decision to flip Trump and his reality show the bird.

Avi’s Episode Rating: C

Avi’s Michelle Rating: A


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