24 – Day 6, Episode 5, 10:00 – 11:00

I’ve been kind of hard on 24 and what I see as its many, many, many shortcomings.  Still, I have to admit last night’s twist kicked ass.  One of my complaints with 24 has been its lack of follow through and the illusion of closure it provides at the end of a season.  Sure they may have nailed the president last season and stopped the attacks but the real mastermind – Dr. Romano, freaky Fame, headset guy – was still at large.  Based on past experience, I assumed that they would never pick up that thread again.

Then last night, in an otherwise largely forgettable episode (oh look, Jack saved someone seconds before the helicopter fell and exploded), we find out that headset guy is Jack’s brother.  Contrived coincidence, maybe.  But who cares.  Great twist that I never saw coming, the hallmark of fun TV.   Paul Crane is great in every show he’s in and I remember thinking last season what a waste that we didn’t see that much of him.  Well this season I think we’re going to make up for that.  Clearly this family reunion isn’t going to be a happy occasion with Jack immediately tying up his brother with his wife and kid upstairs as he gets ready to perform some Jack torture magic.  I’m actually looking forward to next week.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


2 Responses to 24 – Day 6, Episode 5, 10:00 – 11:00

  1. tvdork says:

    I wasn’t really paying attention to the episode because it was boring me but when that happened I literally yelled at my TV. I love that 24 is one of the few shows that can provide me with moments like that.

    Now, if only the kid wasn’t gonna turn out to be Jack’s……

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