Veronica Mars – Season 3, Episode 12 – There’s Got to be a Morning After Pill

After last week’s frakstastic episode that spoke to my inner Comicon going, Battlestar Galactica loving geek we get a reasonably decent episode packed full of Veronica goodness along with a heaping dash of Keith.  I’m definitely going to miss when this show drops the larger arc in the back third of the season.  It gives balance to the show.
So this week Logan and Veronica break up for the gazillionth time but this time it looks like it might stick.  I forgot that the history between Veronica and Madison runs all the way back to the first season.  Hard to blame Logan for lying given what happened when Veronica found out.  I guess they’re going to ramp up the “Piz goes after Veronica” storyline now but I don’t see it.  No chemistry whatsoever.  I’d even rather see her with Dick.

The mystery this week had Veronica solving the mystery of who slipped a pregnant girl the morning after pill.  Not a great stand alone mystery but not bad.  I really do love how the show weaves background characters in and out of the show.  It’s a good reward for fans who pay attention.

Who wants to bet that the Dean was killed by his wife’s ex-husband.  I like that Tim is investigating too.  It could be fun to see him, Veronica and Keith team-up.  They need to bring this story a little more front and centre.  The few tidbits they throw at us aren’t enough to solve the mystery especially with only a few episodes to go before the arc concludes.

Regardless of the stories in any given episode what makes this show still great is the dialogue and interplay between the characters.   We feel Veronica’s pain after being betrayed by Logan.  We appreciate the best father/ daughter relationship on TV for the way they communicate in ways beyond the banter.  We laugh everytime Dick is on screen for his great one liners, intentional or not.  And of course, we vicariously feel triumphant when our characters succeed whether its uncovering a clue, solving a mystery, having a car stolen and then returned or just placing a camera to steal someone’s password.  All fun and games.

Hopefully CW will give this great show another season but for now it gets a:
Avis episode rating: B


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