Cancelled Kidnapped Comes to DVD posted today that the entire Kidnapped series is coming to DVD on April 24th.  As you know if you’re a regular reader, I really liked this show and thought it was cancelled way too early.  What is different about this DVD set from sets released of other cancelled series is that this one actually has an ending.  Take shows like Surface or Threshold – why would anyone buy these on DVD knowing that they aren’t going to get any closure.  Kidnapped is different.  NBC actually gave the creators enough episodes to wrap up the storyline, a move that I hope pays off for NBC in DVD sales.


3 Responses to Cancelled Kidnapped Comes to DVD

  1. sourlime says:

    Wonderfalls had the same advantage. It’s one of those shows that I don’t mind passing around, because while it’s only 13 episodes it’s got a whole arc that makes it worth watching/ In a way, I’m actually glad it’s like that – I think it works really well as is, and I kind of like that it didn’t have a chance to go downhill.

  2. savannah142 says:

    Fans wrote and e-mailed and begged for this, but the kudos go to Sony who produced the series, not NBC. NBC did finish the entire series online after the final broadcast of the 5th episode, but they deserve none of the credit for the DVD release. Absolutely the best show of the Fall 2006 season and cancelled prematurely by NBC. Kidnapped is so well written – every single episode was amazing – there wasn’t one filler episode in the 13 episode story arc, and I along with a ton of “OKF’s” (Obsessed Kidnapped Fans) mourn the loss of this amazing series. Performances are tops too – with Dana Delany, Timothy Hutton, Jeremy Sisto, Delroy Lindo and newcomer Will Denton who plays the kidnapped 15 year old and absolutely is the heart and soul of Kidnapped. Will Denton’s performances blow the audience away every time he is on screen. Pre-orders at are already sold out!

  3. avster says:

    I guess the reason I give NBC credit is for not shutting down production when they realized the show wasn’t going to go forward and letting the writers rewrite and film an ending to the story. As many of us know with TV this isn’t often the case.

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