Grey’s Anatomy – Season 3, Episode 15 – Walk on Water

This was a good TV night for watching with my wife. First we watched last night’s awesome Friday Night Lights and we followed it up with tonight’s Grey’s. The episode started pretty promising with the hope that they might kill off Meridith by letting her drown in the tub and despite my initial disappointment that Sheppard saved her, it concluded with a similar promise.  I don’t know about you but my favourite part was the absence of a voice over at the end.

I’m going to give you my wife’s insight on this episode – “way too ERish, not what she looks for from Grey’s Anatomy”. Although ER has always had lots of soapy elements, the characters have always tended to be defined by the traumas that flow through the ER with the odd sweeps “in the field” disaster. Grey’s is pretty much the opposite with the medical cases taking a backseat to the soapy elements. No wonder my wife’s reaction to the ferry disaster was that it seemed a bit out of place for this show.

There were still plenty of soapy storylines – the chief’s dyed hair, Christina and Burke’s engagement flowing through the hospital grapevine and Callie and George going back to work as a married couple.

Personally, I liked parts of the episode (particularly the Alex storyline) but actually got kind of bored in the middle.  I guess after the last few excellent episodes the show was kind of due for a bit of a clunker.  It’s too bad this was probably the most expensive episode it’s ever filmed.

Avi and Nicole’s Episode Rating: B-


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