The Office – Season 3, Episode 15 – Phyllis’ Wedding

Is there a combination any better than Jim, Dwight and science?  Maybe Kevin and Scrantonicity.

Still, without further ado here’s the weekly installment of what I learned from The Office:

  •  I need to remember to thank my employer for paying for my son’s birthday party and my cable bill.
  •  A toaster is a popular wedding gift and a dog can be a ring bearer.
  •  Why buy a gift when you can put your card on someone else’s.
  •  It is possible to tell the colour of a wine by smelling it.
  •  Who knew that wedding was defined as 2 metals fused together by a hot torch.  Makes me wonder how Webster’s would define a word like welding.
  • It’s a good thing my wife and I aren’t celebrities.  Our name would be: A-ole
  • Margaret Thatcher was one smart broad.

In deference to the greatness that is Bob Vance, I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to introduce myself as Avi from Avi’s TV Ramblings. I will say that I think this week had some of the most painful Michael scenes ever.  I think that impacted my enjoyment of the episode a little.  Nonetheless I did laugh out many times and appreciated the tender moments that The Office is great at sneaking in there like Angela and Dwight dancing and making you root for Toby and even Roy.  Bottom line: not my favourite episode this season but still more enjoyable than most shows I watch.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


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