Amazing Race: All Stars – Season 11, Episode 1

Last season I quit The Amazing Race. As I wrote in my postings I like the show but the formula was just too much of the same for me. Still, I decided to give this All Star edition a chance. The problem for me is that I didn’t start watching until around season 4 so I don’t recognize as many of these contestants as I did during all star editions of Survivor and Big Brother.

I know lots of people hate the seemingly ubiquitous reality show whores Rob and Amber but personally I’m glad they’re included. It’s fun to see how they talk about themselves as celebrities and the truth is that they kind of are in this circle. Everyone wants to race against them and at the same time everyone wants to see them lose. They are the one wild card that could shake up the formula enough to keep me engaged.

Shmirna and Mirna are as annoying as ever but I still appreciate their energy. Given how they were playing last night I don’t have high hopes that they’re going to be around too long.

Uchenna and Joyce were my favourites a few seasons ago and it’s disappointing to hear they still haven’t been able to start their family. I’m not sure they’re going to pull off a win this time though.

All the others I don’t really know or care about. I’m going to give it a few more episodes though before I decide if it’s the same old, same old or if there’s enough new to keep me interested.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B-


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