Friday Night Lights – Episode 16 – Black Eyes and Broken Hearts

It’s not worth me writing another rave review of this show. I can only repeat myself so many times about how great this show is.

This time I’m going to let someone else tell you how great it is.  Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article last week on why Friday Night Lights is the best show on Network TV and after last week’s exhilarating episode I’m inclined to agree.  Ranging from serious (the show’s exploration of racism) to humorous (the coach having a discussion with his wife and the guidance counsellor and a third player to be named later) to just plain aw shucks (Julie and Matt getting together) this may have been the best episode of the season.  A special mention needs to be made of the show’s matriarchs, in particular Smash’s mother telling her son that he can’t change things and that he needs to do what’s best for him.  A great scene that wasn’t sappy or typical but practical and real.

As much as I like Ms Ryan’s article I don’t agree with her comparison to The Wire.  I like FNL a lot and I’d argue it’s one of the best shows on network TV today but The Wire is the greatest piece of fiction in probably any medium.  Still, great episode.

Avi’s episode Rating: A


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