American Idol – Feb 20 – Top 12 Guys Perform

I haven’t seen any episodes of this show yet this season. I find the auditions to be really painful to watch and when I tried to watch one of the episodes last week the show seemed all filler.

But here I am today to watch the first real performance episode of the season. I’m not sure I’m committed yet to watching this season but I’m willing to give the talent a try to impress me. It helps when I fast forward through most of the show and I can watch a 2 hour episode in less than 40 minutes. So on with my impressions of the new crop of singers.

Rudy – I hope this guy didn’t quit his day job. Good to hear a different tune in Free Ride but the facial impressions, dancing and “c’mon” hand signal and some generally bad singing doesn’t bode well for him. Makes me feel good that “I’m keepin’ it real” with Randy.

Brandon – Nice voice and some good stage presence. I guess I need to not be so harsh on the singers making googly eyes at the camera but it drives me crazy. Better than Rudy though and he’ll likely get through.

Sundance – Cool name. Even cooler song choice. He’s got a non-typical American Idol voice (much closer to what I would expect on Canadian Idol) and I liked his take on the Moody Blues despite what the judges said.

Paul – Definitely no George Michael (something I never thought I’d hear myself say). Voice just seemed off and kind of what I used to hear from bad bar mitzvah bands 2o-something years ago.

Chris R – I found his twitching kind of distracting but appreciated him doing a different version of a song that’s been done a few times before on this show. Voice seemed flawed in a few places but overall a pretty good performance and fun to listen to.

Nick – Another typical wussy Idol song but this is the kind of music the judges and fans seem to go for. That being said the singing was terrible and the performance boring. “Not good dawg”.

Blake – I liked this guy. Voice seemed off in a few places but pleasant to listen to and not annoying to watch. Good choice of song for his voice. Sounds Coldplayish.

Sanjaya – Ehhh. Nothing more to say.

Chris S – What a kick ass voice and by far the best performance so far. Different, unique and the first song I would listen to twice. Simon is out to lunch on this one. Not sure it was a good idea to argue but have to agree with him calling out Simon on his limited view of music. I was thinking the same thing.

Jared – Boring and a mediocre voice. I would have liked to see his performance in 3D where his finger would have come out of the TV as he sticks out his hand. Might have made it a little more interesting.

AJ – An okay voice but typical of what we see on this show year after year.

Phil – I can tell he has a voice with potential for some interesting performances but didn’t like the song choice. Missed his kid’s birth to audition. What an idiot. I’m sure he won’t regret that in the future.

Tough call who’s going to be booted because so many sucked but if I had to pick two: Sanjaya and Paul.

The two Chrises and Blake were my favourites.


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