American Idol – Feb 21 – Top 12 Gals Perform

After a pretty crappy first round by the guys here’s how the ladies stacked up:

Stephanie – She was pretty awesome. Great show person and a hell of a voice. Better than almost all the guys the night before.

Amy – Amy has a pretty voice. She also looks good behind the mike. Kind of a cross between Jessica Biels and Ashley Williams. I think the judges were way too harsh on her. She might not be great yet but she’s definitely good enough to advance and have a chance to get better.

Leslie – Nice smoky, sexy sounding voice that will sound good across a variety of genres, more so than some who are stuck in a particular genre.

Sabrina – Wow! Now that’s power. It will be interesting to see her work outside a bluesy genre but I’m psyched to hear her some more. Best one on the show to this point.

Antonella – The first really bad singer of the night. Painful to listen to and her choice of song didn’t help. Is it me or is Simon becoming even more of an ass than before. It used to be I agreed with his critiques more often than not. It’s still true somewhat but let me try this one on you Simon. The good news is: You’re rich. The bad news is: You’re Still an Ass. I liked him better when he wasn’t personally attacking people and focused on critiquing.

Jordan – Ehh. Not so good for me. I was kind of bored and her voice was just mediocre.

Nicole – Neat, unique voice. Very unlike the typical American Idol singer. She will be great to hear for the rest of the competition. This is one of those times I fully disagree with the judges>

Haley – Speaking of typical Idol singers. Not a bad voice but another same old, same old.

Melinda – More power. Really great voice. Some cool stage presence. It will be interesting to hear if she can cross genres though.

Alaina – I saw the Pretenders open for The Who a few months ago and she is no Crissy Hynde. In fact I don’t even think she’s a Scarlett Johansen. One of the worst of the night.

Gina – Pretty decent voice but another typical Idol singer singing a typical Idol song trying to hit a typical Idol high note. Still better than most.

LaKisha – Ignore what I wrote before. That’s power. The best of the 2 nights.

Bottom line: It’s a shame they need to pick 6 guys, 6 gals because the women are way better than the men.

Here’s my picks for the ones going home: Antonella and Alaina.


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