Grey’s Anatomy – Season 3, Episode 17 – Some Kind of Miracle

Did that episode ever suck!  I mean seriously, did anyone actually think that Meridith was going to die.  I wasn’t even surprised that her mother died instead.  I sort of called it 2 weeks ago when I wrote that I hoped Meridth was going to die and that her mother would replace her in the voiceover so they didn’t have to change the name of the show.  Since that wasn’t realistic then the opposite was more likely.

The whole Meridith near death experience kind of bored me as it reeked with the same level of self indulgence and self centeredness as every one of her voiceovers or monologues.   Sure we got Denny and even better my favourite TV Coach and the girl from Dawson’s Creek/ Undeclared.  Still, borrrrrrring.

And what’s with Izzy.  I get that she’s protective of George but this is ridiculous.  She’s really turned into a bitch.  I think I’m going to start calling her Meridith 2.

That’s it.  Nothing else happened.  End of review.

Avi’s episode rating: C-

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