The Office – Season 3, Episode 17 – Cocktails

The Office has really pulled out all the stops for this sweeps period. First the amazing Joss Whedon directs last week’s vampire themed episode and tonight we get the Lost Mr. JJ Abrams himself who did a fine job especially with the Dwight  the home inspector scenes. So here’s what I learned from this week’s The Office.

  • Magic Camp is not just for kids. It’s for anyone who has a dream and some free time after school.
  • CFO is not someone’s initials.
  • Nothing says I love you more than a framed legal contract signed with a heart over the “i”.
  • If you don’t watch Battlestar Galactica, you’re an idiot.  (I kind of knew that before but it’s good to hear someone else say it)
  • A merger can be called successful even if everyone quits, is fired or ends up in anger management.
  • Splenda + 20 year old scotch would make Lee Iacocca proud.
  • Honesty may not always be the best policy – in a bar.
  • There’s nowhere to cuddle in a bathroom.
  • My wife and I need to have more ketchup fights.

Overall a good episode.  Just the right amount of discomfort in the Michael scenes, some great moments looking at Jim and Karen’s relationship and some advancement of the Pam-Jim storyline.  Looking forward to seeing how Roy goes after Jim next week.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-


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