American Idol – Feb 27 – Top 10 Guys Perform

Last week the top 12 guy performance show was just terrible.  Like many I can’t believe that with tens of thousands of people auditioning that’s the best they could find.  Here’s my thoughts on the top 10 performances tonight:

Phil – As someone who has fond memories of that song from high school dances of yore (as opposed to something I appreciated for my listening enjoyment), this was horrible.  I do agree that he has an interesting tone to his voice compared to the typical AI singer but it’s a bad version of Chris Daughtry from last year.  I’m with Simon with this one.  Still, they’re making it sound like voting against him would be unamerican so I guess he’ll continue but that’s not good for the show.

Jared –  Much better than last week.  It doesn’t hurt that I like the song and he didn’t butcher it.  Still, he’s no Marvin Gaye (to be expected) and I don’t think he’s got a shot long term.  As an aside, all you kids at home, The Love Boat was a show about a cruise ship.  Just kidding – sort of.  I doubt the majority of AI’s core fan base have ever seen or heard of The Love Boat.

AJ – Now to me that was pure cheese.  The same hand and dance moves as all AI contestants before and likely after.  I liked his voice less than last week.  It seemed pitchy to me.  To be fair though he’s not my style of singer.  Not sure how Simon could call this different.

Sanjaya – I can’t believe this guy is still her after last week.  He wasn’t as bad this week vocally but he sure was equally boring.  The 2 minute song felt like it went on forever.  To give him the benefit of the doubt he’s just too young to be here.  I agree with Randy – bad high school talent show.

Chris S – Before I say anything about his singing – cute wife.  Very different song choice from last week but I liked it.  He’s got a great voice and he’s showing a broader ability.  I look forward to watching him for the next bunch of weeks.

Nick – Every time I hear this version of Fever all I can think of is the Muppets episode with Animal on the drums and Rita Moreno singing.  If you haven’t seen it check it out on the Muppet Show first season DVD set.  It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  That aside Nick was okay.  Not enough to pull me in long term.

Blake – Great voice and a fun performance.  Very different performance from last week and I’m afraid to say it but I agree with Paula.  He’s got something unique.  Simon’s smoking something on this one.

Brandon – Didn’t work for me.  I thought his voice was kind of mediocre this week.  It sounded off and I guess I just didn’t feel the heart coming through.  The googly eyes at the camera that I mentioned last week bothered me again even though I love grandmas too.

Chris R – Twitching aside, I liked his performance and song choice.  Lots of fun.  Great voice.  A definite front runner and the best of the night.

Sundance – Good song choice for him especially this Committments version.  I liked it and as I said last week he’s not a typical AI singer in a good way.  Great singing and great performance.

My picks for the bottom 2: Sanjaya and AJ.  Of course, I went 25% last week so I’m probably not the best judge of what America’s going to choose.


21 Responses to American Idol – Feb 27 – Top 10 Guys Perform

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