American Idol – Feb 28 – Top 10 Gals Perform

Last week the women kicked the men’s butts. Let’s see how they stack up tonight.

Gina – Started off well enough but seemed screechy to me as she went on. Good choice of song for her voice. Seemed to be a bit overpowered by the music. Simon again seems to become a bigger ass every day. When he sticks to critiquing the music I usually agree with him but when he starts to say things like “I don’t know who you are” it’s hard to take him seriously particularly in a competition that forces the singers to explore different genres and encourages them to take risks. Make up your damn mind.

Alaina – Much better than last week. She too was a little outpowered in some places by the backup singing track and I don’t think she has a chance in the long run but I definitely didn’t think it was as big a mess as the judges did.

LaKisha – Great song and great performance all around. She’s got a great voice but I’m not sure she can break out of the genre she’s playing in. Unlike the judges, that doesn’t bother me in the context of the competition it just means I won’t have an interest in the kind of album she would make. I’d like to hear her do something cool like Lauren Hill. Again Simon – criticizing her clothes? Seriously? He’s a tool.

Melinda – Sounded great but this is way too early in the competition to bring out the standards no matter how it gets jazzed up. I want to see some fun songs. If she won and did an album with songs like she did this week or last it would tank regardless of how good her voice is.

Antonella – Let me first say that she’s gotten a real raw deal in the media the past week and I applaud the show for not booting her. It’s not her fault that assholes took pictures of her and sold her out. That said, wow was that terrible. None of the song was on tune. It was painful with a capital pain.

Jordan – I much be in a crotchety mood tonight. I found this to be really screechy too and just generally mediocre.

Stephanie – That was fun and cool at the same time. I can see her making an album like that. Great voice, great stage presence and she’s definitely got some charisma. Best of the night for me so far.

Leslie – I’m just going to say the same thing I said last week because it still holds true: smoky, sexy sounding voice that will sound good across a variety of genres. I dug it. Randy needs to learn a critique that does start with “pitchy”. Simon is right that she’s getting overshadowed but I think she’s someone who could sell albums while the others are going to be great on Broadway.

Hayley – Unlike last week she at least did something different and performance wise she’s good but she’s not polarizing enough to stay in the competition. I won’t remember her as being great or terrible and that makes her at risk.

Sabrina – Still a good voice with lots of power but not my kind of song. After this many idol seasons I guess I just want people to change it up and do some different songs.

So here’s my picks:

Should go home – Alaina and Antonella – same as last week

Will go home – Alaina and Hayley


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