Scrubs – Season 6, Episode 11 – My Night to Remember

I haven’t written much about Scrubs this season, the exception being the amazing musical episode.  I love this show and have since it started but the last few episodes have kind of been letdowns.

This week’s episode was a clip show which is both good and bad.  On the bad side I hate clip shows.  They don’t add much and as JD said at the beginning it’s what TV people use when they’re out of ideas.  The flip side is it reminded me how great this show can be when its fantastic ensemble cast deftly balances the absurd and the humorous with the drama and emotion.

Funny enough I watched a rerun of the finale from season 1 this evening (a true classic) before I saw this episode and felt like pulling out my Scrubs DVD sets and having a marathon of the first 4 seasons.  This episode made me want to do that even more.

Still, I’m conflicted.  It’s hard to give an episode that’s mostly retreaded content a better than average rating but the mix of scenes the episode closed out with was so great at highlighting why I love this show that I’m just going to have to cheat a bit.

Avi’s Scrubs Series Rating: A+


2 Responses to Scrubs – Season 6, Episode 11 – My Night to Remember

  1. Super Clay says:

    I agree with you completely.
    It has been painful for me to watch Scrub’s this season. Even last season (although very spotty) had some good shows. It isn’t even a shadow of it’s former self. How did a show that was sooo amazing, fall so quickly?

    Also, I noticed your top 10 comedys ….. You including “News Radio” proves you are a GENIUS!

  2. scrubsdyke says:

    Super Clay- your a closet gay, could you bum up this guy any more. Get a life and stop being such a pussy cunt

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