The Wire – Good News, Less Good News and Great News about Season 5

In David Mills’ blog Undercover Black Man he provides us with some good scoopage on the new season of The Wire for which he is writing an episode (how cool is that!!).  As regular readers of my blog know I’m a huge The Wire fan.  It topped my best of 2006 list and will without a doubt be making its way into my TV Hall of Fame when it completes its run.

So here’s the good news, the amazing Clark “Meldrick” Johnson, local Torontoian and star of Homicide the #1 drama on my TV Hall of Fame is going to be playing a prominent role in the new season.  Since the series ended he’s been primarily directing some great TV (and some less great movies) but I look forward to seeing him back with David Simon and in front of the cameras on the one show that may supplant Homicide in my Hall of Fame.

The less good news is that this season is going to be a short one with only 10 episodes.  Previous seasons have ranged between 12-13 episodes.

The great news is that the 5th season is going to start filming in a few weeks and the fact that there is a 5th season.  Despite its critical acclaim, The Wire has never achieved the awards, ratings, attention, fan base of HBO’s other shows like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under or Entourage.  On any other network this show would have been dead after 3 episodes so HBO has to get kudos for giving David Simon the chance to finish his masterpiece.  I can’t wait.


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