Knights of Prosperity Pulled, Likely Cancelled reports that ABC has pulled The Knights of Prosperity from its schedule effective immediately.  Although there are 3 episodes still unaired, ABC is replacing Knights with the incomparable (yes that’s sarcastic) According to Jim.  My guess is that the show is cancelled and will not return.

I’ll admit that when the show first aired I was pretty luke warm to the premise and its cast.  By the third episode I had completely changed my tune.  Maybe it was the 70’s retro theme song.  Maybe it was the seducing of Michelle Dessler by the team’s intern.  Maybe it was the selecting of Rush’s Tom Sawyer as the team’s anthem.  Maybe it was Rockafeller, one of the coolest supporting characters on TV.  Truthfully it was all of the above and then some.  Knights may have been absurd but it sure was a lot of fun.

But alas the show is likely cancelled.  With the marvel that is DVD maybe we’ll see if they actually do succeed in robbing a celebrity.

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