American Idol – March 6 – Final 8 Guys

This is how I like my American Idol – 16 minutes of singing, 16 minutes of judging and a limited 10 minutes of filler (silly banter, judge introduction and singer introductions) plus 18 minutes of commercials of course.  Compare this to 2 weeks ago when it was 18 minutes of singing, 24 minutes of judging and 42 minutes of filler, with 36 minutes of commercials. Now on with my real time review:

Blake – I agree with the judges.  It’s a rarity on this show to have someone who feels both current and unique.  What’s cool is I don’t even have know the song but I liked  it.   Fun mix of reggae and hip hop.  Blake may not be the best singer in the competition but I think he’ll make a great album.

Sunjaya – I almost fast forwarded through him.  Why even give the 2 minutes to  someone who really doesn’t belong here.  But alas, for the sake of this review I watched.  I should have gone with my first instinct.

Sundance – I still like Sundance and hope he makes it through but this performance sucked.  Maybe I’m unfairly comparing him to Eddie Vedder who has that Jim Morrison charisma which Sundance just doesn’t have.  Liked him better as a Commitment last week.

Chris R – Didn’t work for me tonight.  I just found it kind of boring.  His voice sounded fine but unlike Blake who made me like a song I didn’t know, Chris made me detest a song I didn’t know.  Not my kind of music.

Jared – I liked him better than last week but the emoting still annoys me.   Still, good voice, charismatic good looking guy and a solid performer.  He’s going through.

Brandon – He’s got a good enough voice but I didn’t feel anything funky about his presentation.  Voice was completely wrong for that song and I find it just a little too generic.

Phil – Painful to listen to.  He sounds terrible.  Why can’t these guys learn that you don’t choose songs because you like them.

Chris S – Still love him.  You know who he reminds me of – John Popper from Blues  Traveller.  Like Blake, Chris brings something unique to the show and I can see him heading up a Blues Traveller/ Spin Doctors jam band.

Here’s my picks for who’s going home: Sunjaya and Phil.


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