American Idol – March 7 – Final 8 Gals

Like I said in my last AI post, I like these episodes where they have minimal filler (grading on an American Idol curve of course).  Here are my thoughts on the performances.

Jordin – I liked her much better this week.  Lots more energy and the song was a good fit for her voice.  It’s the kind of album I could see her making – a modern Pat Benatar.

Sabrina – Also much better this week.  Good song choice to show off the power of her voice and I liked the performance too.

Antonella – I actually liked her a bit better this week.  Still, it’s not enough compared to the other women in the competition.  She’s just not up to par.   I never thought I’d say this but kudos to Simon for his classy acknowledgement of Antonella’s media attention but in a Simon way that still differentiates between how he feels about her and how he feels about her performance.  Oh yeah, one more thing – screw you Rosie.

Hayley – Nice voice but there wasn’t anything there to draw me in.  As Randy said “no yo”.  Funny enough, I also didn’t recognize her or know her name.

Stephanie – Randy’s nuts.  She was truly amazing.  To me she’s the front runner.  An amazing voice and some great stage presence.

LaKisha – Also amazing.  Just an incredible voice.  Still, I maintain the same position I had last week and the week before – she’s stuck doing a type of song that just won’t get me to buy any album she would make.  She needs to mix it up to get my vote.

Gina – At least she’s doing something different playing an Evanescence tune like we would hear on the far superior Rockstar series.  Still found her voice to be a little screechy but a much better match with her skills and far more interesting than the majority of competitors.

Melinda – Just like with LaKisha I can put the same comment in for Melinda.  Amazing voice, great performer but I still haven’t heard her sing a song that would sell an album.

So bottom line:

Who should go: Antonella and Hayley.

Who will go: Gina and Hayley


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