American Idol – Top 16 results – How Did I Do

Remember everything I said about the previous nights having no filler.   Well the results show made up for it.  Personally I just fast forward through to see who got booted.  I have no desire to see Carrie Underwood or hear her music and the manufactured suspense of who’s going to make it through just doesn’t interest me.

So how’d I do: 0 for 4.

So with the guys I got 0%.  Jared and Sundance are off the show and Sunjaya lives to sing another day.  I didn’t think Jared really had a chance long term but Sundance at least was cool, provided something different and he seems to have found the right types of songs for his voice.

I hit 0% with the girls.  Antonella and Sabrina got the boot.  I only expected Antonella to make it through based on her fan base and notoriety not on merit.  But Sabrina – wow was that wrong.  The competition just lost one of its best, most powerful voices.

So much for my ability to predict how America would vote.  I clearly suck at this.


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