American Idol – March 13 – Top 12

I’m blogging this in almost real time. It’s 9:35 and I’m going to start watching now. I expect that the entire 2 hour show can be watched and written about in less than 40 minutes. Let’s find out.

Brandon – I’m just not a fan. His performance of Can’t Hurry Love made me yearn for Phil Collins’ version. In case you’re wondering – that’s bad. Forgetting the words probably doesn’t help either. Borrrrrrring. Wow, was Simon harsh. Not that I disagree with anything he said but still harsh.

Melinda – Haven’t changed my opinion. Great voice but belongs on Broadway. I just don’t see her selling albums of relevance in 2007. Simon calling her a young Gladys Knight is just reinforcing my point. As an aside, what was with all the crying? Silly.

Chris S – I wasn’t sure how he was going to do tonight with Diana Ross songs but I thought he was great. Didn’t love the arrangement but got what he was trying to do – a Coldplay version of Endless Love. Props for trying something different and in line with who he is. Melinda and LaKisha may be better singers but this guy will sell albums just like Chris Daughtry before him.

Gina – I actually think the original song arrangement is a better fit with her voice and style then her revised version. As Simon would say – very cruise ship.

Sunjaya – No need for me to comment. The rest of the world has been hard enough on this guy. Like the Chicken Little looking guy last year or even Antonella last week, let’s hope America puts him out of his misery.

Haley – She looked hot (and I don’t mean it in a Paula kiss of death way) and I thought she was better than last week. Still, she’s not memorable enough to be around more than a few weeks.

Phil – There isn’t a big enough military in the world to keep this guy around. For me the worst of the night and yes that includes Sunjaya. I think I heard dogs outside singing along with him. What are the judges thinking. I’ve been in sync with them most of the night but this is the exception.

LaKisha – No more repeating myself. Read my Melinda comment and replace Melinda’s name with LaKisha.

Blake – Didn’t love the arrangement but I liked him. He’s got charisma and he’s commercial enough to make and sell interesting albums. Definitely dug the ending.

Stephanie – I’m not sure what the judges have against Stephanie. I think she has the voice of LaKisha or Melinda but with a more modern vibe – like a Macy Gray. Not her best performance but I like her a lot.

Chris R – I thought he kind of sucked this week. Two weeks in a row he didn’t work for me. Good thing Sunjaya and Phil set the bar low. I agree with Simon.

Jordin – Not my favourite performance from her either but I still like her – great voice and there’s something about her that makes her stand out.

Before I go into my pick for who’s going to get the boot, NewsDay’s Verne Gay wrote an article today called Lakisha, Melinda or the Door. You can tell from the title the basic premise – that the competition should be over with LaKisha or Melinda winning. Reading his article (and if you read my comments above) I think his premise is flawed. He thinks American Idol is a singing competition where the best singer should win.

I don’t think Simon or the American Idol producers agree with that idea. As people who have stakes in the albums that the winners make, they want to find an Idol who is most likely to sell albums to a large audience. They want someone to win Grammys and to make it on the sales charts and stay there. I don’t think LaKisha or Melinda despite maybe being the best of the singers in the competition are likely to produce commercial albums. They are like Reuben and will produce niche albums that may have a fan base but will never turn into the megastar that Kelly Clarkson has become. For commercial appeal – Chris S, Stephanie (with the right material) or Blake with Jordin on the bubble.

So as much as I’d like to say Sunjaya is going home, I’m going to go with Hayley.

Checkout time: 10:20 – 45 minutes, a little longer than expected but still within a reasonable margin of error.


2 Responses to American Idol – March 13 – Top 12

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  2. Vance says:

    That’s hilarious. I did the show on FF too and watched it in about 50 min. (Longer than I expected too though I actually watched a few of the clips with contestants + Diana Ross).

    I LOVE Melinda but I partly agree. It ISN’t just a singing competition. It’s IDOL. (or at least that was the original premise with Pop Idol). It’s the whole package, which is why I think Blake is in it too, and to a lesser degree, Jordin, Stephanie (and even Haley and Chris R if they can start singing just a bit better, or enough that we can continue to fawn over them).

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