Lost – Season 3, Episode 11

I haven’t written about Lost since its return from hiatus. Like many I was disappointed by the first 6 episodes of the season but the past 5 episodes have been much better. I liked the focus on Juliet and Desmond, both of whom had great back stories (or possibly a time traveling story in Desmond’s case). I liked the revelation that Charlie is supposed to die. I liked Kate and Sawyer’s escape from the Others and even more important their reunion with the rest of the castaways. I didn’t love the Jack-centric episode but it was still far better than most of the first half of the season. Last week’s Hurley episode was a good change of pace and I wasn’t bothered by the lack of plot momentum in that episode because it was nice for a change just to be entertained by Lost.

This brings us to this Sayid focused episode but before we jump into that part I have to say that the Sawyer-Hurley ping pong grudge match was lots of fun and provided a good balance to the heavy content of the rest of the episode.

I have to say that it was good to see Sayid in action both in the current action and in the backstory. For at least a year now he’s been a non-entity so much that I almost forgot that he was still on the show. This week reminded us why we liked him so much in that first season. Great back story that may not be core to the main plot but gives us that great character insight that the show was famous for in its first season or 2.

From the moment they went into the house kicking off the quote “I am the last living member of the Dharma Initiative” I said the only thing that made sense – “cool”. As we find out that he isn’t in fact that but rather an “other” my opinion didn’t change. It still was pretty cool as the show sets us up for the next few episodes, Mission: Rescue Jack.

This brings me to Locke and his incomprehensible focus on computer games (why not play chess) and tendency to blow things up in a very Homer Simsonesque way. I’ve heard two schools of thought on him this past week and I think both have merit. On the one hand there’s the opinion that he’s been acting completely out of character from the “hunter” and “man of faith” we saw in the first season and a half of the show who believed the island cured him. On the other hand this his lack of faith and focus on pushing buttons is consistent with his character since the discovery of the hatch and its computer last season. As you can tell I agree with both in that I wish we still had the Locke I liked but it looks like that character is now dead and this is the fool we are left with. All we can do is hope the castaway’s IT guy keeps him away from computers for the rest of the series.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


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