The Amazing Race: All Stars – Season 11, Episode 4

The King is dead as is my interest in watching the remainder of this season.  Last season I stopped watching The Amazing Race after the first 3 episodes.  The formula just didn’t work for me any more.  I decided to give this season a try to see if watching racers I already know would keep me more interested.  The answer: a little of column A, a little of column B.

I’ve realized that watching this show American Idol style i.e. on fast forward, is the best way to watch.  I find maybe 18 minutes of content in the whole show and the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed those 18 minutes.  Unfortunately after the elimination of Rob and Amber I have a gut feel that this will drop the interesting part down to 12 minutes.  Say what you will about them, they sure made the show fun to watch and this week in particular they were in fine form with the added bonus of it being at the annoying Charla and Mirna’s expense.  No other team on the show really interests me the same way.

I might watch next week but if my viewing time drops below 14 minutes I’m done.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


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