Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 8, Episode 1 – The Long Way Home Part 1


It’s been a long 5 years but the Scoobies are back and they look and sound better than ever. As much as seeing the cast reunite on screen big or small would have been fantastic, that possibility is long dead as the cast has moved on to other things, some bigger and better, others not so much. Fortunately Mr. Whedon is not one to take resistance lying down – cancel Firefly on Fox, resurrect it on the big screen; Buffy ends and the cast isn’t interested in TV movies – continue the story in comics.

This was a hard book to find.  I went to a whole lot of stores yesterday until I finally found a copy.  I’m not surprised that with the huge number of Buffy fans out there that the entire 100,000 print run is now sold out and going into a second print.

So how was it.  Excellent.  First let’s start with the look since comics after all are a visual medium.   The artwork by Georges Jeanty really captured the look of the characters and at the same time did a great job with the widescreen moments like the crater that once was Sunnydale, the Slayer aerial assault or the Dawn Giant.  Each page was a treat to look at.

As for the story, it really is a bit too early to tell.  Like all good first episodes of a new season, this one caught us up on what has happened to some of our favourite characters and launched a few new storylines.  Buffy is now the leader of an army of slayers fighting evil across the globe supported by her new watcher – Xander.  As an aside, that was perhaps my favourite moment of the issue, seeing Xander in his new leadership role, a natural evolution of his character and extension of his place in the Scoobies.  Dawn has turned into a giant after having what was apparently a Season 2 Buffy-Angel moment.  We haven’t seen Willow or Giles yet but we know they’re still involved in the fight.  Angel fans will appreciate the reference to the Immortal mentioned in season 5.

The fight scene wasn’t that exciting but it was only a lead in to what is sure to be the real battle.  I’m not expecting the real big bad to show his or herself for a few more issues but we have a few good contenders in a pair of floating feet, General Voll and an old friend-enemy who survived the collapse of Sunnydale.

Unfortunately with comics the weight between episodes is more like a month than a week but I can’t wait.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A

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