How Rob Thomas Will Stop Veronica Mars From Being Cancelled

Answer: Veronica Mars, FBI.

Rob Thomas is pitching the CW that if they pick up Veronica Mars for another season he’s willing to fast forward a few years and change up the show by (depending whether you read Yahoo or TVGuide) making our favourite sleuth an FBI agent or a trainee at the FBI academy.  The assumption is that if they make this change most of the cast will likely not be returning, except probably her father and maybe Logan. 

Still I like the idea a lot.  Lately I’ve been feeling like the writers are stretching every week to create on-campus mysteries for Veronica to solve and to weave in a larger campus centric extended mystery arc.  By putting her in the FBI academy or making her an agent this should really broaden the ability to solve mini-mysteries while working within a cool season long arc (picture her as a Clarice chasing her Hannibal Lecter).

Truthfully, I don’t care what they do.  As long as the show isn’t cancelled and I get me some more Veronica next season.


2 Responses to How Rob Thomas Will Stop Veronica Mars From Being Cancelled

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  2. cara shuckett says:

    I actually do not feel much love for any of the characters except veronica, dad and logan. if they can swing keeping the show-please let them keep logan!! but then again, my real wish is for them to just keep the show.

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