American Idol – March 20 – Top 11 Perform

Tonight is British Invasion night and I’m expecting to be able to compress the 2 hour show into 37 minutes of viewing time.  Here’s how the contestants fared this week:

Haley – Her voice sounded nice enough, fun song, she’s definitely cute and I think she did a good job working the crowd but there’s something missing in the vocals.  I can’t put my finger on what exactly is bothering me about her performance.  It just didn’t seem genuine to me.

Chris R – The acoustic performance was a much better showcase for him than the ballads of the past few weeks and he sounded okay.  Still I found him a little boring and he’s definitely not to my taste.  The guitarist was good though.

Stephanie – She sounded great but it wasn’t my favourite of her performances.  I have to agree a bit with Simon that she was missing the passion and soul that could make her a great new Macy Gray or Lauryn Hill.  Still I’m a big fan and think she could make a kick ass album.

Blake – Great choice of song.  Good showcase for his voice and fits really well with his style.  A cool, controlled performance.  I really like how he has been able to do good modern rearrangements of classic songs and this was week was no exception.

LaKisha – I keep hoping to hear something new to change my mind about LaKisha as the critics continue to rave about her.  This week I thought we got a little closer.  There’s still no doubt she has an awesome voice and this was a cool performance.  She will be a great Broadway star, just not a pop star.

Phil – This is the first performance of Phil’s that I think I’ve liked the entire competition.  Not much singing but at least this wasn’t painful and featured a good memorable performance.  I agree with Simon though – he has no grit especially if you try and compare him to Chris Daughtry from last season.

Jordin – Sounded great.  Excellent stage presence.  Lots of charisma.  I’m a big fan.

Sunjaya – At least he sang a song I recognized, one of the few this evening.  I just fast forwarded to the end.  Too hard to listen to.

Gina – Definitely the right song for her.  It has the right amount of edge to suit her style but it was a bit off in a few places.  Loved the change up of the song near the end.  With Gina at least we know what kind of album she would make and I think she could sell.  It wasn’t as good as the Canadian Idol performed versions of the song the past few years though.

Chris S – Wow! Two Zombies songs in one night.  Good performance and great vocal but definitely inferior to Blake’s Zombie tune.

Melinda – I have a soft spot for Oliver which was a favourite of my family’s growing up.  As far as Melinda goes I’m a broken record, there’s still nothing to convince me that she isn’t going to be anything but a Broadway singer, maybe a great one but that’s it.  And let me tell you choosing a Broadway song isn’t going to change my mind.  I’m not sure how this qualifies as a British Invasion song by any stretch of the imagination.  She just refuses to break out of the box she’s in and it’s a box that I think will prevent her from selling albums.

I have to admit I’m shocked at how many of the song choices weren’t well known songs given the huge catalogue that could encompass the British invasion.  So as much as I’d like to say it will be Phil or Sunjaya going home tomorrow, my pick is Gina.  I can’t see her having the fan base of the others on the program.

3 Responses to American Idol – March 20 – Top 11 Perform

  1. cara shuckett says:

    so I am assuming you know this already…but, did you know that howard stern is basically responsible for not having sunjaja kicked off. he is getting all these people to vote for him to show how fucked up the show is, as well as because he is so bad. he has been talking about it constantly on his show.

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