Prison Break: Season 2, Episode 22 – Sona

The creators of Prison Break had a rare opportunity that so many shows don’t have.  After two seasons they had brought most of the storylines to a close including the conspiracy that set the show in motion.  However, instead of providing its loyal viewers with closure and ending the show, the powers that be opted to renew it for an unnecessary third season.

Now I liked the first season of the show.  It was suspenseful and entertaining with a cast that looked like it was enjoying itself.  The second season definitely had some ups and downs as it separated the core cast sending each off on a series of misadventures that ranged from mildly entertaining to cartoonish.  Meanwhile the conspiracy unravelled in the background, the hunter was revealed to be a pawn and the solider switched sides. 

I got a little bored as the show seemed to meander but the last few weeks the show definitely improved.  Last night I think was the end of my Prison Break viewing.  All of the surviving cast (except Linc ironically enough) ended up in a Panamanian jail and some new conspiracy was launched that had something to do with the old conspiracy and the reason the brothers are needed alive.  Make sense?  Yeah it didn’t really do much for me either. 

Watching I think I realized the problem I have with Prison Break is that I just don’t really care all that much about the characters.  Even when I enjoy the show it doesn’t matter much to me if they are on screen that week or even live or die for that matter.  So, for now I’m taking the position that I won’t be watching next year but knowing how hard it is for me to drop a show after I’ve followed for more than a season, I likely will give it a shot for a few episodes just to see if it gets better.  Doesn’t mean I’ll like it though.

Avi’s Episode Rating: C+


One Response to Prison Break: Season 2, Episode 22 – Sona

  1. Shaun says:

    I would have to be the biggest prison break fan, and I do agree with some of what u’ve said. Nothing will ever match up to the first season of prison break but the second season was almost as good. I get the feeling that it was a little rushed and parts were just too unbelieveable. I have seen episode 22 ‘sona’ yet for it hasnt screened in my country yet.. But I must say I have been left on the edge of my seat which is what prison break does best.

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