My Top 10 Sopranos Moments

To celebrate the final 9 episodes of The Sopranos here are my favourite moments from the past 6 seasons:

1. Tony gets carjacked (Season 1) – This was the defining Sopranos moment for me where the show crossed over into greatness.  As he sprialed into depression (including visions of an exchange student living at the Cusimonos) the only thing that is able to bring him back to reality is an attempt on his life.  Asked by Melfi how he feels “Pretty f****n good”.

2. Big Pussy gets killed (Season 2) – The minute we find out Big Pussy is an informant, we know there’s only one way for it to end.  Still, the scene where he has a last drink with Silvio, Paulie and Tony before he begs to not have it in the face is a great Soprano moment that has haunted Tony ever since.

3. Tony takes Meadow to University (Season 1) – “Are you in the mob?” Meadow asks as they drive to look at universities like any father/ daughter.  Until he sees a former mobster and brutally kills him in between Meadows interviews.  This is the moment that shatters for the viewerany misconception that Tony is a hero.

4. Adriana gets killed (Season 5) – Adriana was one of those characters who I found grating in the first couple of seasons but as she received more air time, we came to love Adriana (big hair and all).   I appreciated the fake out of her getting away but her death is one of those moments we knew was going to happen once she got caught by the feds.

5. Tony and Carmela break up (Season 4) – After a generally uneventful season Tony and Carmela’s marriage collapses with one of the best acted episodes of the series as Tony first begs for forgiveness, starts a sit-in (in the poolhouse), almost hits Carmela and eventually leaves each moment between the 2 of them felt real and made sense in the context of the series.

6. Christopher’s intervention (Season 4) – One of the funniest moments of the series as they all beat the crap out of Christopher in a Sopranos style intervention that ends up with him in rehab.

7. Melfi gets raped (Season 3) – As hard as the rape scene was to watch the great Soprano moment was the closing scene when Tony asks her if something is wrong and instead of sending Tony after her rapist (as she know she could), she responds with “no”.

8. Carmela goes to therapy (Season 6) – The scene where Carmela goes to Melfi and confronts the compromises she’s made in her life should have won her the Emmy.  It was the culmination of 5 years (or a lifetime for the character) of character development.

9. Davey Scatino loses at poker (Season 2) – I’m going to cheat a little with this one because I have 2 favourites wrapped in one.  This is when we find out that Tony’s “bread and butter” comes from “f****n degenerate gamblers” even if it’s Meadow’s friend’s father.  A few episodes later when he forces Davey’s store into bankruptcy it was hard not to laugh as everyone walks around with red coolers.

10. Janice shoots Richie (Season 2) – I still remember how my jaw dropped at that moment when Janice pulled the trigger.

Enjoy tonight.  Feel free to contribute your favourite Soprano moments.

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