Entourage – Season 3, Episode 13 – Less than 30

To prepare for the return of Entourage, I watched Keeping Up With the Steins this afternoon.

I know the critics hated it and it didn’t last too long in the theatres but I actually liked it. There are so many movies out there that teach the real meaning of Christmas or some other holiday that as a Jew it’s nice to see a movie about the meaning behind a bar mitzvah. The sad thing is that the movie isn’t too far off the truth these days. I’ve heard all sorts of stories about bar mitzvah party oneupmanship that I’m already nervous about when my sons’ days come, and it’s not for almost a decade. A movie that celebrates the importance of the ritual over the party was a nice message to hear and Jeremy Piven is always great even though he was essentially Ari Gold.

Now on to the review of tonight’s Entourage. First let me give a warm welcome to the always gorgeous Carla Gugino. I’ve had a crush on her since back in her Spin City days and it has carried on to Karen Sisco and of course Sin City. Well, now she’s Vince’s new agent and she’s using a different approach than Ari – making him to read scripts, consider Edith Wharton plays and even answer his own phone.

But don’t count Ari out. After a whole lot of back and forth (and many relationship metaphors) while Vince and Ari consider whether they can just be friends, Ari holds out Medellin as a lure to bring Vince back into his fold. It may not really be available but it’s enough to make Vince second guess Carla’s movie pick.

Meanwhile Turtle has to get creative in funding Vince’s birthday bash and let’s just say I laughed out loud when I saw the banner on the side of Vince’s booze cruise boat.

My one complaint with Entourage is that it’s always over way too quickly.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


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