American Idol – April 10 – Top 8 Perform

I haven’t done a live blog on American Idol for a few weeks but tonight I’m back.   The special guest is JLo who in my estimation is probably one of the biggest stars the show has had in terms of modern mainstream appeal.  Without further ado here’s my 2  cents on tonight’s performances.

Melinda – I thought she was marginally better tonight in terms of demonstrating at least some ability to move beyond show tunes and torch songs.  Still, as much as I like her voice my opinion on her ability to produce a mainstream album hasn’t changed.  She won’t be able to.

LaKisha – Finally some personality from LaKisha.  Like Melinda she moved from her standards based self.  The first time in my opinion that she’s shown that she might actually have a little bit of an album in her.  Not sure why Paula and Simon are calling it safe the first time she does something slightly more upbeat and fun instead of showcasing her inner Broadway self.

Chris – A good performance but I thought his singing was off.  The voice lacked some edge or passion.

Haley – She really is hot and a good performer to boot.  Her voice isn’t as good as the others and I’m not sure she is going to be selling albums any time soon but she’s got personality and actually looks like she has fun up there.

Phil – I still don’t get how the judges even tolerate Phil.  This guy has a terrible voice.  He’s painful to listen to and I cringed with every high note.  How can they call Haley bad and give this guy a pass week after week.  He’s far, far, far, far worse.

Jordin – By far my favourite female in the competition.  Consistently great voice, great performances and she brings a cool, modern vibe that says “I will sell albums on an actual pop chart” unlike early favourites LaKisha and Melinda.

Blake – My favourite guy in the competition.  Same exact comments as I have about Jordin – great voice, great performance and a cool modern vibe that will sell records.

Sanjaya – Well he embraced the theme – good for him choosing to sing in Spanish.  His young girl fan base will love it.  He wasn’t as painful as usual because he didn’t really sing but rather spoke in a tune.  He’s not going anywhere this week.  I agree with Randy – he knows how to play the game.

After watching tonight’s episode, I have to say that I’m still shocked and dismayed that this is the best they could find in all of America out of tens of thousands of prospective singers.  Maybe it’s time for some new judges because these ones don’t seem to be able to sniff out talent any more.

So without further ado, my picks for bottom 2 are Phil and Haley with Phil most deserving to go home.  I’m done picking Sanjaya.

My choice for the final 2 are Jordin and Blake.

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