Friday Night Lights – Episode 22 – State

Let me start by saying it’s a sad world when this amazing program gets beat in the ratings by garbage like ‘Til Death and ties with back to back episodes of George Lopez.

That being said I can’t see NBC walking away from a show of this quality no matter the ratings.  With so many perfect moments throughout the episode I defy any fan of the show to admit they didn’t get teary multiple times.

Beginning with Tami finding out she’s pregnant (with assistance from Smash’s mother) to the sense of awe perfectly conveyed by the entire cast when they walk into the stadium.  From Landry and his entourage’s hysterical car ride to the Tyra-Lyla confrontation.  From the team’s sense of betrayal over the coach leaving to Buddy’s uncharacteristic response to the news.  Throw in the coach’s response to his wife’s news and his speech after the losing first half (zooming in on all the characters we’ve come to enjoy watching week after week) backed up by “one of the greatest comebacks in Texas football”, Jason Street’s new found calling and finally Eric rediscovering his dream.

I’ve written about the greatness of this show so many times that I don’t feel the need to say anything else about it.  Friday Night Lights was not only the best new show of the season but maybe my favourite show this year, period.  As much as it pains me to say it even if there isn’t a second season, like Freaks & Geeks before it, Friday Night Lights will deservedly make my TV Hall of Fame and I know the best ensemble cast on TV will all go on to great things.

Still NBC it’s really not much to ask for another season, is it?

Avi’s Episode and Season Rating: A+


2 Responses to Friday Night Lights – Episode 22 – State

  1. Vance says:

    Seriously, about the only good thing about the show not on anymore is I don’t have to try to rethink how to tell people how amazing this show is with every episode and can just tell them to watch the damn amazing series once and for all. Seriously, how many times can I say this is an AMAZING show? (and STILL people watch Til Death. Seriously? It did that well in the ratings? It’s still ON?)

  2. xltranger says:

    This not only was the best new show of the year but the best show period. Great human interactions and situations which shed light on real world not the fake television world.

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