24 – Day 6, Episode 18, 11:00 – 12:00

I think I’m done.  I’m not sure I can make it through the rest of the season of 24.  I’ve put up with ridiculous plot twists, useless and dropped subplots (Morris drinking or Jack’s 2 years of torture), repetitious storylines (president is going to be impeached, again?) and reappearing and supporting characters who disappear without rhyme or reason (Jack’s father and sister-in-law and the Logans).  Even worse I’ve just been generally bored through a majority of the last dozen or episodes.  So last week the show wrapped up the “suitcase nuke” storyline (I actually dozed off right after Jack grabbed onto the bottom of the truck) and introduced a new storyline with Audrey being captured by the Chinese (I woke up in time for the last scene).

Still this isn’t that different from previous seasons (even last year’s “critically acclaimed” season which I thought was crap) but this week in the aftermath of the change in direction the show officially fell apart for me.  Jack being willing to hand over nuclear devices (even with a plan to not really hand them over) to save one person is pretty much the opposite of what his character has done time and time again – condemning Tony’s choice a few seasons ago to save Michelle, shooting Curtis, etc.   He’s always been about making hard chases for the greater good, yet here he is doing the opposite.  I give up.  It’s not that I need consistency but between my boredom and the abandonment of even the one thing that is consistent on this show, I think my relationship with this show is over.  I may still watch the rest of the season since I’ve come this far, although it will be in far second position relative to next week’s return of Heroes (whoohoo!!!!!), but I think this is coming off my list for next year.

Avi’s Episode Rating: C-


One Response to 24 – Day 6, Episode 18, 11:00 – 12:00

  1. Jamal says:

    Shut up. 24 owns, and you obviousliy havent watched

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