The Sopranos – Season 6, Episode 14 – Stage Five

Watching this week’s great episode, I kept hearing Christopher from season 5(?) in the back of my head telling the now departed Adriana “My uncle Tony, the man I’m going to hell for.”  This episode brought the Tony-Christopher relationship front and centre with a surprisingly emotional Tony recognizing that his nephew hates him, even if it is subconsciously.  Even more in true Tony style, he sees it from his self-centred point of view, not recognizing why Chris would harbor any bad feelings.  This can’t end well.

This season has had multiple moments foreshadowing the end of the series despite the narrative moving seemingly slower.  The conversation between Tony and Carmine with Carmine refusing to step up and be boss choosing his happiness over the power.  The amazing Johnny Sack (may he Rest in Peace) wondering what legacy he will live behind in both his families.  Christopher pursuing a new career and staying away from his “family”.  Phil recognizing that despite his proclamations that it’s a younger man’s business he has ignored his obligations.  All of these threads are pushing the show to a conclusion that will never wrap the show up in a bow but will remain true to the complexity of the series.

Last week I made a prediction that Bobby will end up in jail before the season ends and that Janice would try and kill Tony. Like mother, like sister bringing the show full circle.   Other predictions seize on Tony’s statement last week (and in other episodes of the series) that the only ending for someone like him is “in the can or in the morgue”.

After this week’s show I am going to make an additional prediction about the ultimate end.  Tony is going to start to develop his succession plan.  I think between his conversations with Phil and Carmine, his realization that he can’t even maintain his relationship with his mentee and just the plain headache of it all, he’s going to start planning his exit.  Even getting his paper in the morning is ruined.  My guess is the next few episodes will have Tony preparing for his eventual retirement although I’m at a loss for who his successor will be.

How do you think the show will end?

Avi’s episode rating: A

2 Responses to The Sopranos – Season 6, Episode 14 – Stage Five

  1. peter says:

    Chris had to go as he was no longer any use to business and trust.He had shown himself to be weak and driven by manical addictictions …He had to die …I predict AJ will get whacked during one of his new escapades, shylocking or he will do himself in by accident leaving Tony a mental ball of screaming Jello like Al Pacino in GF 3.I think Tony will be last man standing alongside Junior in mental instituition.I also think that he will get up front and personal with Kelly Moltisanti and his men will catch wind of this leading to his unmasking of his selfish, vile, lovable, character.He is coming apart at the seems …Last night when he said ” I did it ” It was not a cry of triumph like as in James Cammeron TITANIC ala Leonard Di Caprio , but a confession of self loathing.No way out , no way back….ALL IN

  2. Tony says:

    He said “I get it” not “I did it”. I think he meant that now Chris was gone his luck had changed…it was a bit vague though. Bada-bing.

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