Jericho – Season 1, Episodes 18 & 19 – AKA & Casus Belli

I haven’t written a review of Jericho since the 1st episode aired way back in September.  Truthfully the first 1/2 of the season didn’t really wow me.  I enjoyed a few elements like the mystery behind the bombs and Hawkins’ role in it but the pattern of town crisis of the week just didn’t keep me engaged.  I also wasn’t that crazy about most of the characters in particular Skeet Ulrich’s Jake.

When the show returned in February I decided to give it a few episodes before I dropped it for good.  I wasn’t optimistic.

Then the most amazing thing happened, the show actually got great.  The last 2 episodes in particular highlight what the show has started to do right – giving us answers about what happened with the attacks and giving some more cohesion to the weekly storylines.

In episode 18 we found out Hawkins’ role in the bombing and even more interesting that it really was a terrorist attack.  Best of all one of my favourite character actors of all time made an appearance – Daniel Benzali from Murder One – who unsurprisingly is the mastermind behind the attacks and works for Homeland Security.  We also finally had it confirmed that Hawkins is sitting on a nuclear bomb – cool.

This week’s episode focused on the post-bombing world as Jake and Hawkins head to New Bern to find out what happened to Eric.  In a nutshell, Heather is dead, New Bern is running a munitions factory and planning to go to war with Jericho and Jake and Eric get captured and are about to be strung up in front of the town.   This is the kind of storyline I would expect in a show about post nuclear war America.  I expect towns to be fighting for survival, new governments to be popping up and general lawlessness all around.  Throw in some profiteering by 2 of the most weasly and mercenary kids I’ve ever seen and this is now a real show (even though Skeet remains annoying).

Unfortunately given that it’s airing on CBS, isn’t a procedural and is getting its ass kicked in the ratings I don’t have high hopes that it’s coming back next season.  Still, after a horrible start the show has become extremely enjoyable and something I look forward to watching every week.

Avi’s Episode Ratings: A-


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