Lost Ending in 2010 and Season 3, Episodes 17 & 18 – Catch 22 and D.O.C.

The announcement I’ve been hoping for has finally been made.  Lost will officially have an ending.  No more worrying about whether the show will drag on indefinitely with no real planning or closure on the horizon.  Instead we get 3 shortened 16 episode seasons that will run without interruption starting February 2008.

What makes me even more excited about this announcement is that I care what happens again.  How great have the last couple of episodes been!  The show is once again stirring the same excitement it did when it first hit the air.

Sun’s joy at finding out the baby was Jin’s despite what it means for her hit all the right emotional buttons as did her backstory.  The discovery of the new addition to the island and the revelation that flight 815 was found and that all the passengers had been killed may not give us a clear answer (although it does give credence to the purgatory explanation) but it sure is moving the story forward.  No real shock that Juliet is a mole and that Jack is likely one too but I sure want to know what secret she wanted to tell Kate.  Sawyer killing the con man who caused the death of his parents and also happens to be Locke’s father was neat especially when combined with his explanation for how he got to the island.  And finally we still have Ben in the background pulling strings as some of the Others factions conspire against him.

Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s episode.

Avi’s episode ratings: A


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