Rumors of Veronica Mars Being Renewed Continue

Michael Ausiello rumor hound extraordinaire is reporting today that prospects have improved for Veronica Mars to be renewed.  Between the cancellation of Gilmore Girls leaving a hole in the CW schedule and the apparently positive response from the CW president on the “Veronica joins the FBI” trailer that was shot, it looks like early reports of the show’s cancellation were premature.

As my regular readers know I’ve been a huge Veronica fan since its brilliant pilot episode and throughout its first season personally gave copies of my recorded DVDs to many, many people.  I haven’t loved this past season as much as the first two  and am still a little disappointed that they chose to abandon the arc format for the last few episodes.  Still, I definitely am not ready for the show to end yet and I’m personally encouraged by the change of direction next season and the new possibilities it opens up.  I’m still not sure how crazy I am if they drop the entire cast (specifically Keith, Logan and Mac) but I will say that if the show does drop the mystery arc model and goes to a mystery of the week format then I probably won’t be back next season.

I guess we’ll find out next week when CW officially announces its 2007-2008 schedule.


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