In Defense of 24 or Critics Are Silly

If you’re a 24 fan and expecting this to be a positive review of the 24’s sixth season you’re going to be disappointed.  I completely agree with the critics pretty much uniformly awful reviews of the current season.  What I’m shocked at is that the critics seem surprised that they dislike the show this season.  I don’t understand why they seem to view last season as brilliant and this season as terrible.  It’s pretty much the same show it’s been for the last 5 seasons – nothing has changed.

Take this excerpt from a recent review from Entertainment Weekly which gives the show a C:

Over five seasons, Sutherland and co-creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran have taught us how to watch 24, and cracking the narrative code has decreased the pleasure. We’ve come to expect, for example, that the first few weeks will be spent setting up an overarching theme and putting some new characters in danger whom we’ll never see past, say, hour 5. We’ve learned that any government-position character who spends the first quarter-season looking evil will prove merely misguided if not downright heroic (in day 6, that may be Peter MacNicol’s Tom Lennox). We know from experience that the Big Theme will take a Big Twist about halfway through the ”day” — suitcase nukes, meet hostage Audrey — and that as the hours dwindle down, Jack will both go rogue and depend on CTU skill (read: Chloe) to help him save the, um, day.

I don’t know, it didn’t take me 5 seasons to recognize the patterns and let’s be frank – the repetitive, hokey dialogue, the carboard characters, the “now we have them, now we don’t” with the bad guys, the red shirts who always get killed and the now cliched killing of main characters every few episodes.  Not sure why this is such a shock for the critics who presumably have been watching all along.

I know what you’re going to say.  “If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it” and you’re right.  If there weren’t only a few episodes left I would quit.  As it is I watch the show on the PVR usually days after it’s aired and I end up fast forwarding through a good chunk.  Next season I’m going to take your advice.


4 Responses to In Defense of 24 or Critics Are Silly

  1. Ed Lee says:

    i always wait until the end of the series, buy the DVD and binge on jack bauer.

    yes the story lines are repetitve but it’s still great TV.

    enjoying your TV ramblings!

  2. avster says:

    Thanks Ed. That’s how I’m going to approach next season. I don’t have any plans to watch during the year but if feedback on it is good, I’ll pick it up on DVD.

  3. jglass38 says:

    I think you are way off. If you are looking for anything but mindless fun than 24 isn’t the show for you. Nobody ever said it was The West Wing. Rock on 24!!

  4. avster says:

    I guess for me the mindless is starting to greatly overwhelm the fun.

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