Jericho – Season 1, Episode 22 – Why We Fight

I’m hoping that this isn’t the last time I get to write about this show.  There’s no question it’s “on the bubble” as far as renewal goes and CBS sure isn’t the network that a show like Jericho would typically have a chance on, given its reliance (and sadly its success) on procedural shows.  Still, we can hope that CBS recognizes the great promise the show has and how it was really delivered in the second half of its season.

Well this was the episode for all the marbeatles where not only did lots happen but it was also so well executed.  I thought the flashback scenes to Eric’s wedding showing how he and Jake really didn’t get along played really well in contrast to the fighting scenes and Eric telling Jake he has his back.  I really was surprised that they killed off Johnston.  I knew there would be a death but I didn’t think it would be him.  Still, it makes sense in the larger context of the show and how it helps develop the core characters.

We also got a resurrection of sorts with Heather ending up in a military camp belonging to the newly formed government of the 21 United States of America.  How cool was that!  I wasn’t surprised to see Valenti as one of the people behind the new government and it was good to see the show address why he was looking for Hawkins’ nuclear bomb.  I have to admit that I wondered that myself and the explanation that its signature would prove who was behind the attacks made sense.

We also finally got the war between the towns that has been building the past 6 weeks.  I kept thinking about the barricade scene in Les Miserables as they cheered after winning the first round and then again as they prepared for round 2, just without the singing.  When the closing scene ended and the credits rolled with the helicopters overhead and the gunfire starting, I had one thought: There’s still a lot of stories behind the world of Jericho.  I hope CBS agrees.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A


5 Responses to Jericho – Season 1, Episode 22 – Why We Fight

  1. Grace says:

    This show is dead to me since they killed off Johnston Green. (Gerald McRaney)

  2. Eitakj says:

    I just read over the AP wires that CBS announced today that Jericho is cancelled – not on the schedule for next season…I can’t stand when I get into a show – a good show – and then it’s taken out from under me…I thought last week when Johnston died that it was an indicator that the show would be cancelled, but I had hoped I was wrong…I guess I was right…It sucks to be right in this case…

  3. avster says:

    I’ll be posting tonight about this. I’ve completely given up on CBS as a network that has an appetite to do anything that isn’t a procedural. They are in 1st place so I get it from a business perspective but as a viewer I will not be investing myself in any new CBS show.

  4. Steve says:

    I couldn’t believe I read that they canned this show. What are they thinking? Just about every site i’ve been to is suprised at this decision. They could at least do a 2 hour TV Movie to wrap up the last episode. Now I’ll never find out what that flag means 😦

  5. Tim Tringle says:

    The show has supposedly been cancelled by CBS. We need to get on the stick and make sure that CBS changes this immediately. This show is too good for them to just kill off like this. At the very least we need a two hour movie that ties up the loose ends.

    Why do Reality TV SHOW Crap go on forever and smart intelligent shows like Jerico get cancelled!!

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