The Sopranos – Season 6, Episode 18 – Kennedy and Heidi

Is there anyone who watched last night’s episode who’s jaw didn’t hit the ground about 7 minutes in when Tony ended his nephew’s life.  Sure we’ve seen the tension between them escalate but to see it happen this way was as shocking as intended.  Unlike my comments a few weeks ago that Tony’s gambling problem was completely inconsistent with the character, tonight was dead on.  Tony has always been a narcissist who sees himself as the hero of his story despite the despicable things he does – whether it was “saving” Pi-O-My, giving his daughter the car from a degenerate gambler to “teach” her, killing Tony B himself rather than letting Phil do it – killing Chris to “protect” his baby is just par for the course.  I loved how he kept trying to get anyone to agree with him that Chris deserved to die and no one bit.

So does Tony remind you of anyone specific that brings the show full circle?  I’m confident that Livia’s spectre will be making an appearance in the final therapy session of the series.

Another great moment was AJ realizing that he’s not cut out for his father’s business, something Tony has known for a long time.  I still don’t think it’s going to end well for him.

Down to the final 3!

Avi’s Episode Rating: A


2 Responses to The Sopranos – Season 6, Episode 18 – Kennedy and Heidi

  1. jim says:

    oh hell, I haven’t seen that episode yet

    damn you Avi! *shake fist*

  2. jim says:

    Excellent show. You’re forgiven.

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