CBS’s Fall Schedule – News from the Upfronts – Day 3

Let me state up front that I will not be watching any new CBS shows next year.  Here’s a quote from CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler regarding the fall season:

“As we talked over the season, we said we were going to throw out the rulebook, try new things, we were going to make up the game as we went along….Part of it is we’re where we are because the schedule is strong.  We’ve got the ability to try new things, and I figure it’s better to do it from a position of strength than when you don’t have that kind of power.”

All I have to say is bulls**t.  As I’ve written many times before and the past season proves me right CBS has no appetite for anything that isn’t a procedural.  Theoretically Ms. Tassler is right, as the network on top it should be in a position to take risks.  Mark my words though any show that doesn’t instantly deliver strong ratings will be cancelled.

Do I sound bitter?  You’re right, I am bitter.  First Smith.  Even strong ratings for Jericho out of the gate wasn’t enough to save it in the end.  I’m not going to watch any new CBS show that doesn’t last a minimum of 8 weeks.  It’s just not worth it.

For a full rundown click here to check out TV Guide but here’s my take on the CBS schedule.

The Great: How I Met Your Mother got renewed by the skin of its teeth.

The Good: Not watching many CBS shows means more time to watch shows that have a chance.

The Bad: Putrid sounding new sitcom that is contributing to the death of the genre.

The Ugly: No Jericho and more than 80% of the schedule is either reality or a procedural.  So much for risk.

8 pm How I Met Your Mother – Whoo, hoo.  The best traditional sitcom on TV and the only one I watch.

8:30 pm The Big Bang Theory – Even the description makes me want to change the channel.

9 pm Two and a Half Men – Blahh.
9:30 pm Rules of Engagement – More blahh.
10 pm CSI: Miami – I can’t believe people watch this.

8 pm NCIS – Come on.   How old is the viewing audience on this network?

9 pm The Unit – Always liked the cast but never could watch the show.

10 pm Cane – I like Jimmy Smits and Hector Elizondo and it looks like a good family dynasty kind of soap.  I give it 4 weeks.

8 pm Kid Nation – Interesting concept but I can’t believe real parents would let their kids do this.

9 pm Criminal Minds – More dumb procedurals
10 pm CSI: NY – Look another CSI – who cares!

8 pm Survivor – Had a great last season so it merits another try from me.

9 pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation -Still don’t care.
10 pm Without a Trace – One of the few procedurals I watch and like.

8 pm Ghost Whisperer – Snore.
9 pm Moonlight – Vampire procedural, I give it 3 weeks.

10 pm Numbers – More dumbness.

7 pm 60 Minutes – This is still on?
8 pm Viva Laughlin – Just sounds weird!

9 pm Cold Case  – Oh look another procedural.
10 pm Shark – Can you say another procedural.

I’m laying odds now.  Of the 5 new shows only the stupid sitcom will still be on the air this time next year.


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