Heroes – Season 1, Episode 23 – How to Stop an Exploding Man

I’ll admit this episode wasn’t my favourite of the season.  It seemed to wrap things up a little too simply and had a few too many flaws for me.  Specifically why Sylar needed to confront Peter to get him to explode (was it to set himself up to replace Nathan in the future?) or why Peter couldn’t just fly off himself given his ability to absorb other heroes’ powers or why Hiro didn’t lob off Sylar’s head or why Parkman thought his mind reading power would be of value fighting Sylar.  Lots of holes.

Still, I love the show with its really rich mythology and there’s definitely some promise in the set up for next season.  The background that is being hinted at around the older age of Heroes is intriguing and I understand we’re going to see what happened to the previous generation next year.   I like that the show has its intricate background but still is able to end a season wrapping up most loose ends for the story (just like in comic books and on Buffy).  The characters may be a bit cartoonish but they are likable and I enjoy visiting with them every week.  That’s really all someone can ask for.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B-

Avi’s Season Rating: A-

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