Lost – Season 3, Episode 22 – Through the Looking Glass

All I have to say is WOW.  All the hype about this episode being game changing for the show was true.  The last two season finales that were as memorable in terms of changing the show’s status quo were the finale of season 2.5 of Battlestar Galactica when the show jumped a year ahead with the fleet settled on New Caprica and even closer another JJ Abrams special in season 2 of Alias when Sydney woke up in Tokyo with Vaughn married and 3 years gone by.  I felt the same excitement and anticipation last night for the next season of Lost.

I happily avoided all spoilers but part way through I realized that Jack’s story was a flash forward (despite the confusing reference to Jack’s father being alive).  I also wasn’t surprised that the person he called was Kate.  Regardless, this does not mean that I didn’t love the twist.  The possibilities that the episode open up are just way too numerous and exciting.  Will the show start on the island and flash forward with the characters.  Will the show move to the future and flash back to how they got there.  Are the characters still on the island and the flash forward only a possible future?  Who was in the coffin?  Is time travel key to the show?  Why did Jack want to get back to the island?  How many flashbacks that we’ve seen are actually flash forwards?  I’m not dedicated enough to track down all the clues but I look forward to reading the speculations over the next 9 months.

I assumed last week that even though he didn’t die last week that Charlie’s story would end tonight.  Still, put the episodes together and they gave him a great send off.  It reminded us why we liked Charlie so much during that first season and put up with him even when he was annoying last year.  Great death scene.

Other great moments with Hurley and the Magic Bus saving the day, Jack’s great performance from letting Jin, Bernard and Sayid “die” to his future breakdown, the return of bad ass Sawyer killing Mr. Friendly, the rebirth of Locke (and my pick for future death), Ben’s warning to Jack about Naomi, Jack flying hoping the plane will crash and many, many more.

After a mediocre first 6 episodes, the show slowly redeemed itself and did what I thought was impossible given where the show was 9 months ago.  It’s given me hope that the writers not only know where the show is going but really may have had it planned out from the beginning.  It’s a long way to February but I’m excited.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A+


6 Responses to Lost – Season 3, Episode 22 – Through the Looking Glass

  1. buzzdroid says:

    I am completely disappointed with all of my friends on the island. Everytime I have a plan, one of the other idiots screws it up. It they don’t start listening to me soon, I will have to resign myself to the fact they they get what they get.

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