Curb Your Enthusiasm – Season 6, Episode 1 – Meet the Blacks

I finally finished Season 5 just in time for tonight’s premiere. I wasn’t so crazy about season 5. It could be that Larry is getting a bit too over the top or maybe that some of the episodes actually had the feeling like I’d seen them before either in previous seasons or on Seinfeld. If not for the fantastic season finale and the pretty close second The Ski Lift, I might not have jumped into this season right away. But here I am and I have to say the verdict is definite optimism that this will be a good (what I assume is final) season.

I enjoyed the show’s kick off discussion about using your kids as excuses for things. As a father of two, my wife and I sure have used them a few times to explain lateness or to turn down invitations. Larry’s answer to skipping the party by showing up the next day was typical Larry as was the expected consequences of having to stay.   Did anyone not expect them to try the same at the Dansons the next day with even worse .  Which brings us to this year’s storyline…

Every year the story arcs on the show get stranger and stranger.  From opening a restaurant to starring on Broadway to donating a kidney and looking for birth parents, this season’s storyline is definitely a recipe for fun…Larry taking in a family of Black hurricane victims called The Blacks.  His analogy about his last name being Jew had me crying from laughing so hard.  The party with the “log” cake culminating with the house burning down definitely indicates that the show is laying the foundation for a season of true Curb painfulness.

However, as much as I liked this episode as a kick off to the season, it seemed a lot less rich in story than the typical Curb show.   This unfortunately reduces….

Avi’s Episode Rating to  B

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