What I Think of Time’s Best 100 TV Shows of All Time List

Time Magazine’s JAMES PONIEWOZIK has released his list of the top 100 shows of all time.  Note the distinction that it isn’t Time’s top 100 but rather one of it’s writers.  This is important because lists are a personal thing and it’s unlikely anyone would agree with the list as written in its entirety.

Before I go on, check out the list for yourself.

Now that you have, let me tell you my first impression – 100 shows is a lot of shows.  Putting together an unranked list of 100 of my favourite shows is much harder than identifying a ranked top 10 as I did in my Hall of Fame  (although I did break my list into comedies and dramas).  When you have a list as long as this one I have to admit that he did hit many of my favourites, some very mainstream and still aired and others long forgotten.
I have to criticize a couple of the picks as ridiculous – A Charlie Brown Christmas, MTV 1981-1992, The Day After and The Super Bowl are not shows.  Any show that only aired one episode (no matter how classic) or a TV sports event or a network itself (no matter how influential) do not qualify as shows.  I’m not sure it’s right to include mini-series or news programs either but I can be a little more forgiving on these.

I am happy to see many of my favourites on the list but again with a list of 100 it’s more surprising that there are any omissions than having coverage of most of my top shows.  Some of the ones missing include: Fawlty Towers, Picket Fences, Scrubs, Sports Night, Babylon 5, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Muppet Show and maybe if they want to talk about impact – Law & Order, Flintstones and LA Law.

Personally I’m going to check out Time’s top 100 books of all time.  Now that’s a hard list to put together.

Feel free to add your favourite show or let me know what you think of this list or lists in general.

2 Responses to What I Think of Time’s Best 100 TV Shows of All Time List

  1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I live for this show.

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