Big Brother 8 – The Finale

I know this write-up is a little late but I thought I’d chime in on the final episode of Big Brother 8 where the Dinatos, Dick and Danielle, were pitted against each other for the $500K.  After Thursday’s eviction episode I was pretty convinced that Danielle would win seeing as how she really outplayed everyone and was the behind the scenes manipulator behind many of the evictions.  By the time Tuesday came around and saw 5 minutes of the show I knew it was all over for Danielle.  As much as everyone hated Dick they seemed to really resent Danielle more.  Personally I didn’t like either of them much and from what I’ve read about some of Dick’s actions on the feeds he’s actually even more dispicable.  Still at least it wasn’t Amber the ignorant anti-semite.

Bring on Big Brother 9.

Avi’s Season Rating: B-


2 Responses to Big Brother 8 – The Finale

  1. Travis says:

    You are being awefully kind with your B- rating. There was only one reason, that I watched the finale. I really didn’t care who won. I just want to see the reaction when the “big secret” was revealed. And even that was a let down. Everyone was like “OOOoooo….” (ending with a tone of how uninteresting). So, after a 5 year hiatus, I really, don’t know why I even bothered coming back to this show.

  2. avster says:

    You’re right, Travis. I was too generous. Maybe it’s because BB airs in the summer and I’ve just come to expect foolishness from the players. Every year I say I’m not going to watch but I then end up watching. This year more than most I did fast forward through significant chunks of most episodes. Maybe I’m done too.

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