Curb Your Enthusiasm – Season 6, Episode 3 – The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial

This was a great week for highlighting the irksome minutiae of life that this show does so well and I feel Larry’s pain.  I too have sat in a pissed off state waiting for Sample Abusers at ice cream stores (perfume stores not so much but I assume it would hold true).  I know it seems petty but I really agree that it’s an abuse of the unwritten law of samples or as Larry says “the unwritten rules of society”.  Other violations that I could sympathize with include being unwilling to take money from someone’s shoe (my wife has done that to me before), the workman who spends time doing something else “on the job” and still billing by the hour as well as the “line wait” where one moves faster than the other and when you switch your’s slows down.

But given that this is Curb Your Enthusiasm, you have to expect Larry to do some things on his part to balance out the scales of injustice.  Like taking flowers from Ida Funkhouser’s roadside memorial (more than once) to give it to the Sample Abuser headmaster so he can get his houseguest children into a fancy school as well as to Cheryl and Loretta.  Of course, he gets caught by Funkhauser and has to not only make it up to Cheryl with some perfume but also steal back the flowers.  This next round with the headmaster goes as well as the first with making a long story short, Larry screwing up Jeff and Suzie’s interview for the school.  In 6 seasons I don’t think we’ve seen Jeff lose it on Larry like he did this week which should be an interesting plot point for the next few episodes.  To make things worse, Larry then steals the perfume for Cheryl from Ida’s shrine.  Fortunately he has the $50 bill from Funkhauser’s shoe to use as a distraction at the funeral.

All in all, a truly classic episode that you have to watch to get the full effect.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A

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