Grey’s Anatomy – Season 4, Episode 1 – A Change is Gonna Come

Not a bad start to the season. Although the voiceover is still in place it’s definitely a time of change for the former interns who now have interns of their own. Or at least most of them. As you may remember from last season, George is still a resident, which has him moping around most of the episode, at least until he’s able to say to Izzie the three words we’ve been dreading. I thought the writers listened to the fans who despise the prospect of an Izzy-George hook up. Oh well, I guess Izzy could always turn him down.

Meanwhile, to the shock of no one who follows TV news, Burke isn’t coming back leaving Christina to behave to her interns pretty much as we would expect. Derek and Meridith are still broken up but that doesn’t stop them from having a quickie in the on call room and funny enough I still don’t care about either of them. In contrast, new intern Lexie Gray, Meredith’s sister actually is likable and might be a great addition to the show. Lucky for Lexie they are only 1/2 sisters which (besides this being a TV show) would explain the disparity in character.

The Chief has made Callie Chief Resident much to the dismay and disgust of Dr. Bailey, Alex and almost every character on the show. A speech from the Chief on how Bailey is a better surgeon seems to do the trick a little as a condolence.

Also to the shock of no one, Izzy doesn’t seem to be a good teacher. I think by next week if the George thing doesn’t work out that she might try and marry the deer she saved a la Denny.

I have to give a bit of extra credit to the show for recognizing that the show lacks the male bonding that never really kicked in between Derek and Burke and has an awkward but actually funny and somewhat touching moment where I think McSteamy makes a pass at McDreamy. All kidding aside, this is a good move giving each of them someone to bond with.

As for the interns, outside of the aforementioned Lexie none of them are recognizable at this time. They are all background, all the time. I guess it’s only the first episode of the season. This will likely change.

Finally, the stories – something about a deer, a woman who lost an arm but can get it reattached while giving birth, a guy who eats stuff and a guy who will die if he moves. You know this show. The cases are only there to provide fodder for the voiceover.

Overall, a decent start to the season. It’s no Office but I guess I’m still going to watch.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B

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