Heroes – Season 2, Episode 2 – Lizards

The story is still moving a little slower than I would like and it seems to be taking some detours with stories that seem disconnected, however, the show has earned some leeway.  After all it’s only the second episode and there’s plenty of time for the plots to come together.

The show picks up after Sulu’s murder with Parkman as the detective brought in to investigate.  He picks up on the symbol that has been weaving its way through the show since the beginning and the trail eventually leads to Mama Petrelli.  As we all expected she has some powers of her own as she pushes Parkman out of her mind when he picks up on her thoughts attributing the murder to revenge.  Even though she’s attacked while in custody, my money is on her faking.  She’s a great character and my guess is that she’s either going to end up the saviour or the villain.

Suresh is meanwhile on his first assignment for the Company, tracking down the Haitian who has been infected by the virus that killed Suresh’s sister.  Fortunately his blood is the cure and the Haitian is up and running and wiping Suresh’s mind in no time, or did he?  I was definitely excited to see the Haitian again and the reunion with Claire’s father at the end was a cool moment.  Hopefully we can find out more of his past as the show explores the Heroes’ origins later in the season.

Claire is still at school and learning about lizards which seems to give her a clue into her regenerative abilities.  This makes her confident enough to cut off her toe but unfortunately she’s caught by her classmate with his own interst in lizards and the elder Suresh’s work.  Her father in the meantime is setting in motion the next quest to find the remaining paintings of Isaac Mendez, one of which apparently predicted Sulu’s murder.  Another moment of “cool”.

Amnesiac Peter hurt some people, may have to commit a crime and was shown a box with his identity in it.  Yep that’s pretty much his story.

Now some of the bad moments.  As much as I like Hiro and enjoy his scenes, there’s a real disconnect from the rest of the storylines that are troubling.  I liked that it was his escapades that actually built the legend of Kensei but it was hardly a surprise after last week’s meeting with Sark.  I’m in a wait and see mode on this.

Which brings me to the brother-sister run away team.  With so many characters already in the air, do we really have to waste time on Heroes answer to Nikki and Paolo.  I know it’s not as bad since they weren’t quite dropped on to an island out of nowhere but at this point I’m unclear on their purpose and it just feels like they’re taking away from the characters I’d rather see.  I’m less optimistic on this part being interesting when it comes together.

Bottom line: another slow episode with some good moments and some not so good moments.  Still better than most of the new Fall crop though and the goodwill the writers and characters have with me makes me favour the good over the bad. Besides, next week is the return of Sylar.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B


2 Responses to Heroes – Season 2, Episode 2 – Lizards

  1. jim says:

    “Heroes’ answer to Nikki and Paolo”, nice. Hopefully not half as annoying as Nikki and Paolo. I think Maya and Alejandro might serve a larger purpose — perhaps even with Maya being the new big bad if Alejandro is killed.

    If Maya’s ability is a communicable plague, and Alejandro can only nullify the effect on people nearby, things can get interesting pretty quickly. On the other hand, Maya’s ability might be short-range and only a disease, and Alejandro might be a healer of general utility — that’s more boring, but could be cool — the show needs a healer in case anyone other than Peter and Claire are killed …

    Of course, Maya’s plague/disease ability would be a fun one for Sylar to aquire …

    The show needs a big bad soon — the disease that kills only Heroes is a bit dull when we know that Suresh’s blood heals it.

    Agree that the Hiro moments are disappointing. I find myself wincing during his scenes. Probably also because I never could stand Sark.

  2. Blaine says:


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